About Us

The Point of North Gables opened its doors 25 years ago, taking over the facilities of the famous Dankers Inn. Our courtyard-like architecture and charming rooms retain the luxury hotel feel. Owned and operated by Living Care Solutions LLC, our management has over fifteen years of experience in senior care. Our highly trained staff have many years of work experience with the elderly. Dignity and kindness are the beliefs with which we operate.

At The Pointe, you and your loved ones will instantly feel like part of a large and loving family. We believe in celebrating our residents’ lives and being their partner in the exciting chapters yet to come.

Three Principles Define Our Mission Statement

Independent Living

We don’t believe in setting rules or schedules. At The Pointe, we seek to promote our residents’ independent living. Whether it’s choosing your own meal time, decorating your room with your most cherished possessions, attending excursions and activities, or spending the day relaxing in the South Florida sun, we want our residents to live the way they want. Those who are able are free and encouraged to go out on their own and explore the vibrant community of Coral Gables, including shops, restaurants, and entertainment facilities within a leisurely walk’s distance of our location.

Enriching Daily Life

We celebrate each day in your loved one’s life. We believe that their time at The Pointe is an exciting, enriching chapter in a life worthy of respect. We encourage and assist with family visits and excursions. We also host a myriad of activities to keep each day stimulating. But the most enriching times of one’s life are, of course, the times they share with others. At The Pointe, your loved ones will find fast friends in their fellow residents, many of whom come from South Florida’s Hispanic community. Whether they are taking part in activities together, swapping stories over a cup of coffee, or playing a friendly game of dominoes, our residents are a tight-knit, socially active, and compassionate community.

Compassionate Care

We understand the difficulties our residents face with limited mobility, memory loss, Alzheimer’s or dementia, or medical issues that require regular attention. Our staff are available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, to provide trained and dignified assistance with walking, dressing, grooming, medication needs, and expert care. In the event of an emergency, top medical care is a phone call away.